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In dieser. Hinsicht ist in den letzten paar Jahrhunderten schon viel geschehen. Jeder General sollte dies in die Hand bekommen. Die Zeitwende des Untergangs der Kirche ist gekommen. We never organised religious services for our supporters.

So zärtlich war Suleyken

I preferred to run the risk of being put under the ban of the Church or excommunicated. In case of success, I can hear myself being told that it's thanks to her. Russia used to be the most bigoted State of all. Nothing happened there without the participation of the Orthodox priests.

It seems that the prayers of a hundred and forty million Russians were less convincing, before God, than those of a. It was the same thing in the first World War. Russian prayers had less weight than ours. Even on the home front, the cowls proved incapable of ensuring the maintenance of the established order. They permitted the triumph of Bolshevism. One can even say that the reactionary and clerical circles helped on this triumph, by eliminating Rasputin.

They thus eliminated a force that was capable of stimulating the healthy elements in the Slav soul.

Hugh Trevor-Roper’s Failings

But for the Nationalist volunteers of , the clergy would have fallen victim to Bolshevism just as much in Germany as they did in Russia. The skull-cap is a danger to the State when things go badly. The clergy takes a sly pleasure in rallying the enemies of the established order, and thus shares the responsibility for the disorders that arise.

Think of the difficulties the Popes continually caused the German emperors!

Whose “Table Talks”?

I would gladly have recourse to the shavelings, if they could help us to intercept English or Russian aircraft. But, for the present, the men who serve our anti-aircraft guns are more useful than the fellows who handle the sprinkler. When, in ancient Rome, the plebs were mobilised by Christianity, the intelligentsia had lost contact with the ancient forms of worship.

The man of to-day, who is formed by the disciplines of science, has likewise ceased taking the teaching of religion very seriously.

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What is in opposition to the laws of nature cannot come from God. Moreover, thunderbolts do not spare churches. A system of metaphysics that is drawn from Christianity and founded on outmoded notions does not correspond to the level of modern knowledge. In Italy and in Spain, that will all end badly. We can be glad that the Parthenon is still standing upright, the Roman Pantheon and the other temples.

In Erinnerung an Franziska Pigulla - Komplettes Hörbuch - Akte X - Ruinen - Lübbe Audio

It matters little that the forms of worship that were practised there no longer mean anything to us. It is truly regrettable that so little is left. Amongst us, the only witnesses of our greatness in the Middle Ages are the cathedrals. It would be enough to permit a movement of religious persecution to cause the disappearance of all the monuments that our country built from the fifth to the seventeenth century.

What a void, and how greatly the world would be impoverished! I know nothing of the Other World, and I have the honesty to admit it. Although religion does not aim at seeking for the truth, it is a kind of philosophy which can satisfy simple minds, and that does no harm to anyone. Everything is finally a matter of the feeling man has of his own impotence.

In itself, this philosophy has nothing pernicious about it. The essential thing, really, is that man should know that salvation consists in the effort that each person makes to understand Providence and accept the laws of nature.

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Since all violent upheavals are a calamity, I would prefer the adaptation to be made without shocks. The sense of the inner life brings people great enrichment. What we must do, then, is to extract from religions the poison they contain. In this respect, great progress has been made during recent centuries.

The Church must be made to understand that her kingdom is not of this world. The marginal notes, in his handwriting, which one finds on the pleas addressed to him by the pastors, have the value of judgments of Solomon. Our generals should make a practice of reading them daily.

So zärtlich war Suleyken by Siegfried Lenz

One is humiliated to see how slowly humanity progresses. A dynasty that can produce. We had experience of it during the first World War: the only one of the belligerents that was truly religious was Germany. What repulsive hypocrisy that arrant Freemason, Roosevelt, displays when he speaks of Christianity! All the Churches should rise up against him—for he acts on principles diametrically opposed to those of the religion of which he boasts.

They can remain like that for a few centuries yet. As one can see, these entries are not identical. Unser Presseapparat ist schon etwas Wunderbares. Dazu ist die Presse nicht da. Dietrich doch ein hervorragend geschickter Fachmann. Er schreibt nicht gut, aber seine Reden sind oft ganz ausgezeichnet. Juni geschah - das Steuer um Grad herumzuwerfen. Das macht uns kein Land nach. Sie erscheint am Samstag und liegt den Bauern am Sonntag vor. Aber wir werden jetzt auch weiterkommen.

Dazu ist die Presse nicht da!

Whose “Table Talks”?

Der kleine Mann, der Doktor Dietrich, ist doch ein hervorragend geschickter Fachmann. Juni geschah, das Steuer um einhundertachtzig Grad herumzuwerfen; das macht uns kein Land nach! Sie erscheint am Samstag und liegt dem Bauern am Sonntag vor. The principal newspapers of the Party—Tristan and other pieces at Vienna.

The organization of our press has truly been a success. Amann controls more than half of the German press. Our little Dr. Dietrich is an extremely clever man. Our illustrated newspapers have greatly improved.

But, to compete abroad with the Anglo-Saxon weeklies, the Lekiger Illustrierte should be more eye-catching. On the other hand, we could easily do without the Deutsche Illustrierte. Das Reich is a great success. When peace has returned, we shall need, as a pendant to Das Reich, a Sunday weekly for people in the country. It should be easy to read, should have a serialized novel—so that young girls should likewise get their share—and should be copiously illustrated.

The English newspapers are in a privileged position as regards both the text and the photographic documentation. From all parts of the world, their material reaches them in floods. We ourselves shall be enabled by our new conquests to make progress in that field. For five centuries Vienna was the capital of an empire. I was so poor, during the Viennese period of my life, that I had to restrict myself to seeing only the finest spectacles. Thus I heard Tristan thirty or forty times, and always from the best companies.

I also heard some Verdi and other works—leaving out the small fry. Am Ich hatte den Staat gegen den Fluch der beiden Konfessionen erobert. On 21 March - Potsdam - the question was: Church or no church? I had conquered the state despite the curse of the two confessions. If I had begun to serve the church — we went to the graves, while the men of the state were in the church — I would now be sharing the fate of the Duce.

He is a free-thinker. But he has begun with concessions I would enter the Vatican and throw the whole lot of them out. On the 21st March , at Potsdam, the question was raised: with the Church, or without the Church? I conquered the State despite the malediction pronounced on us by both creeds. On that day, we went directly to the tomb of the kings whilst the others were visiting religious services.