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"Telecommunications Trade: Reach Out and Touch Someone Symposium on Lin" by Arthur E. Appleton

The soundtrack album topped the Billboard album chart and sold more than 1,5 million copies while on chart, gaining a Platinum disc from the Recording Industry Association of America. It is the cutting edge of a collaborative art-form whose time has come". The two musicians work surprisingly well together, creating a laid-back, soulful number that is quietly seductive. Nothing on the album works quite as well, but it is a pleasant listen, if not a particularly memorable one.

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The desire for “hands-on” therapy – a critical analysis of the phenomenon of touch

Retrieved November 28, Billboard Magazine. It can also reliably distinguish a finger press from an accidental touch, avoiding unwanted activations.

Killing Touch - One Of A Kind live @ Phenomenon

Existing solutions rely on the phenomenon of resonance and generate haptic sensations through the vibration of the touch surface at a particular amplitude and frequency. With an acceleration force of up to 10G for a split second, our Direct Drive method can generate a wide range of haptic sensations that feel very natural.

Crown shyness

Our piezo sensors don't require any power in standby mode, whatsoever. The energy of a pushing finger alone is enough to wake-up the electronic circuity. Our solution has been designed around the thinnest and lowest cost actuator on the market: single layer miniature piezo discs.

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These off-the-shelf components, often used in greetings cards, have an insertion height of only 0. In addition, Aito is partnering with leading suppliers for development of new form factors, stronger multi-layer piezo components and flexible electroactive polymers.

The Phenomenon Of Touch In Architectural Design And A Field Study For Haptic Mapping

Global Frontrunner in Touch and Haptics.