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Social media impacts our world in a variety of different ways. People use social media to discuss the latest gadgets, new cars, and exotic travel destinations.

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Businesses have already tapped into this resource by incorporating social media into their marketing campaigns and using the platforms to forge relationships with consumers. Recently, however, social media has exercised its influence in a more serious matter: the search for criminals.

The video went viral and quickly received more than 35 million views. It was shared on Facebook and discussed on Twitter by both celebrities and concerned citizens. The video calls for the capture and prosecution of Joseph Kony.

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Listen to the law on this episode of To a Certain Degree. Jordan Ostroff gives some advice, legal and otherwise, on Bad Business Ideas and outlines the process of becoming a lawyer in Florida.

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Just like a lot of these interviews. Especially Archie meets The Punisher.

If Nikki Namdar, of Orlando Vegans, is on the other end of the conversation, that might improve those chances. The interviewer has truly become the interviewee.

slightly to some degree and not completely - synonyms and related words | Macmillan Dictionary

A Certain Degree of Immobility Um Certo Grau de Imobilidade is an on-going collaboration between choreographer Maria Ramos and myself and takes as its focal point our mutual desire to energise the perceptual space between the audience and the stage. In this performance the function of form is to create a porous space that holds in it the possibility of reciprocity, of transmission between the audience and performers.

We developed the work through a series of residencies to enable us to work together on the floor with the dancers, the space and light.

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During this first residency at Teatro Viriato, we wanted to explore ways of igniting the space between the stage and the audience, to create more density and dynamics in the space in which the gaze of the audience and the movements of the performer meet.

We also wanted to amplify the tension inherent to the architecture and protocols of theatre, the invisible boarder of expectation that infuses a space and shapes the behaviour within it. We wanted to know where does the stage end and the audience begin?