The Wild Places

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I feel this review is: Fake.

To justify genuineness of your review kindly attach purchase proof Browse. Wild places look very innocent and nothing here but they are more dangerous assoonas they are wonderful to live and give inspiration to challenged buddi if you the nature it is only one inthe world has the beauty inside you and it. Like forest be strong and live like a tree if the rain, wind, Read More. Reply as Brand. Comments 0. Submit Update. The wild Places book was written by Robert.

I read this book during my leisure time. I found it was quite impressive and getting eager by studying the story. I remember that this book was slipted into 15 chapters. Each chapter will explain for the particluar place. Like islands, vall In the wild places history the robert macfarlane is the very unbelievable place in the wild world it is a very good place tovisit with along with family, friends, and coleauges, its a very good experience to the all who enter in the rober macfadrlnein a once it is a very nice experience Thirumalai Nayakar Palace, great Nayakar monument is one of the centres of attraction for the tourists in Madurai.

Comments 1. I visited kodaikanal in last month. Some of the best things in Kodaikanal are free — the cool breeze skimming the lake, dewdrops on rose petals, the scent of pine mingling with eucalyptus and the cormorant stretching its black wings in the morning sun. Books - Category Description.

Mapping nature's heartlands

Books have been a source of knowledge for many centuries. There is atleast one book written on every single topic under the sun. Books are not only written to educate, they are written for leisure and even for the metamorphosis of the soul. There are a hundred categories to choose from when it comes to books. Read more. My best hobby is that reading books. It's Especially it's connected in nature and wild.

Wild is the best place for those who want spend more time with nature. My hobby is the reading book but I want to read more travels books and this is the best for me.

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I am thinking that I should go there and R The wild places is a book written by british author Robert Macfarlane. I dived in. Blue Shock.

The Wild Places

The cold running into me like a dye. I surfaced, gasping, and began to swim towards the cliffs at the eastern side of the bay. I could feel the insistent draw of the current, sliding me out to the west, back toward Enlli. I swam at a diagonal to it, to keep my course. Nearing the cliffs, I moved through different ribbons and bands of temperature, warm, then suddenly cold again. A large lustrous wave surged me between two big rocks, and as I put a hand out to stop myself from being barged against them, I felt barnacles tear at my fingers.

I wandered in the wood all that day, tacking back and forth, following rides, moving through its dozens of covert worlds: its dense and almost lightless thickets, its corridors and passageways, its sudden glades and clearings. I leapt streams, passed over sponge-bogs of sodden peat, soft cushions of haircap mosses.

There were big standing groves of green juniper, alders, rowans and the odd dark cherry. The pines, with their reptilian bark, gave off a spicy resinous smell, and their branches wore green and silver lichens of fantastical shapes: antlers, shells, seaweeds, bones, rags. Between the trees grew heather and bracken.

Explore the lands and waters we are working to protect

I climbed a whippy rowan, scattering its orange berries in all directions, and a tall old birch that shivered under my weight near its summit. In the long silky dawn light, I crunched back over the rinsed shingle, calling out good morning greetings to the seals, who followed me cheerfully in the shallows.

I passed two dead crabs, lying on their backs, claws locked behind their heads, pale stomachs presented to the dawn, like a couple of early sunbathers. Such lovely honeyed prose. Macfarlane is delightful literary company, polite, earnest, erudite and wide-ranging in his interests. There are no meetings, no encounters with intrusive folk. It is all truly empty, secret and luscious. From Sutherland to the Burren, even to Dorset and Essex, the book reveals a sense of beguiling solitude.

There are no other voices, no Welsh or Irish or differently accented English. We see him swimming, climbing, looking, feeling, hearing, responding, being sensitive, and because almost no one else speaks, this begins to feel like an appropriation, as if the land has been taken from us and offered back, in a different language and tone and attitude.

But the pull to the high ground, to the summits and ridges, to look down upon the land, this was in mimicry of the hawk. High and low. He is both hawk and hare. Is this a problem? Is it not just in the nature of books, of prose especially? There are lots of people, many of them women, who live in, or spend long seasons in places like Cape Wrath, St Kilda, Mingulay, thinking about the wild, studying its ways.

Interesting people, with new ideas. Class comes in here. For a long time, the wild land was a working place, whether you were a hunter-gatherer, a crofter, a miner. But now it seems it is being claimed by the educated middle classes on spiritual quests. The land is empty and the saints come marching in. The epiphany comes on the limestone pavements there. We lay belly down on the limestone and peered over its edge. And found ourselves looking into a jungle. Tiny groves of ferns, mosses and flowers were there in the crevasse — hundreds of plants.

This, Roger suddenly said as we lay there looking down into it, is a wild place.

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It is as beautiful and complex, perhaps more so, than any glen or bay or peak. Wilson have been telling us for a generation, we need half of the planet in a natural state, with functioning ecosystems that continue providing for us.


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More protected areas with thriving biodiversity not only go hand-in-hand with climate change mitigation but also they are required to correct our devastating trajectories. Nature is our greatest friend and ally, not our foe. These leaders on the ground and in office know that ecology fuels the economy — and it will cost much more to try to manufacture what nature gives us for free. Meanwhile cutting-edge technologies including satellite sensing are allowing us to monitor activities on Earth like never before. A question we often encounter, however, is how can we protect more forests and oceans with the growing human population?

But studies show that our current agricultural footprint already can feed 10 billion people.

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  7. We can feed the human population with dietary changes eat less red meat and more plants ; fishing and farming subsidies reform; and smarter, less wasteful, regenerative agriculture that helps build soil instead of throwing it away every time it rains. China is hosting a key meeting in October around how much space we are willing to give to the rest of life on the planet.

    Healthy ecosystems — in protected areas or managed traditionally by local communities and indigenous peoples — are key to our economy too in many ways. But there is more to nature than its instrumental value. It restores us, calms us, entertains us and inspires us. How wonderful is it that there are millions of other forms of life waiting to be discovered?