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The allotments in this sale vary in. The allotments iu. Ballaarat — Bakery Hill : Allotment 14 of section N. Kariah, on the west side of Lake Corangamita,. Cardigan, on the east side of the road from Smythe's I. Line 2. Tuesday, 16th August, for a Timber Wharf at. Head quarters. Broadmeadows, Eltham,. Camperdown, Caramut. Line 3. The tender must state one rate for the two Can.

Melbourne, 12th July, Commissioner of Public Works. Friday, tho 22nd instant, for Repairs to the. Full particulars at this office, or at the Road En. Hawthorne Bridge Toll Gate. Johnston strtct Bridje Toll G s. I until twelve. Fencing the Approaches to the Barton. Constructing and Maintaini: jg Approaches. EVAN; J;.

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Fraser, 1 Collins. Sslwyn Smith, Col. Mr Bamford, Surgeon. Three assistants on tho premises. Dr Hickson. The most. The opening of the new church was, indeed, a reel-letter day in the annals of the Estab- lished Church at Abertillery. In addition to the Bishop of Llandaff, the inaugural services, which were continued throughout the week, were officiated at by such well-known Church dignitaries as the Rev.

Canon Harding; Rev. Griffiths; Rev. Bowen, Llangynid;. April 2. David's B. Church, Caitiff. May Catherine's, Canton, Cardiff. Juue 4 —Tredeffarville Baptist Church. Paul's Congregational. July 2. Andrew's and St. Saviour's, Splotlands, Cardiff.

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  • The Tragedy of Larissa Collins.
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Paul's Anglican Church, Grange. Andrew's C. Pembroke Dock. April t. April 8. James Jones, 49, Chester-road, Tuebrook. Liverpool, gives a usefnl experience, which should benefit those who suffer from gravel and bladder trouble. He suffered from a complication of kidney disease, bladder and urinary troubles, and gravel. His was a bad case neglected.

He began to take Dodcl'a Kidney Pills, and aft" four boxes found they were acting on the material that had accumulated in the bladder, which commenced to come away in small pieces. Now he is satisfied that his kidneys are completely cured, and that there is no evidence of stone or gravel about him.

Gravel and bladder troubles are visible effects of kidney disease. By taking Dodd's Kidney Pills, the safe and sure remedy, the kidneys will do their duty, and make stone and gravel impossible. Dodd's Kidney Pills are 2s. Remember the name, D-o-d-d-'s. The circular containing the programme of the eighth championship meeting of the Welsh Golfing Union, which will be held on the links of the Glamorgan Club at Penarth on May 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, and 22, has just been issued, and the events are of such a character and so well arranged that fine weather is the only thing needful to ensure the complete success of the meeting.

The events are arranged in the following order:- Thursday, May Friday, May Saturday, May Monday, May Tuesday, May Wednesday, May Thursday, May Entries close on Wednesday, May Tenison Collins, Windsor- place, Cardiff. The programme book issued in former years will be sent to competitors only.