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You can either cut the bottom as Alphonso Balvenie described or you can cut the top. Now there is a chance that you can just cut a tiny bit off the top and have the reed still working.

If you want to get into reed making you could use this reed as your starting point. As a first step I recommend you take some very close pictures of the original reed. Try to get as many details as you can so you can mimic the woodwork when you try it yourself. What you want to do first is make the reed wet. Let it soak up water for about minutes.

This makes it soft and reduces the chances of the wood breaking. Then you need a sharp knife. Since you're not familiar with reed making I assume that you don't own a knife specifically for reeds. Don't worry, a common cutter knife does the job too if you're careful. Many professional reed makers even use special reed guillotines for cutting the top. These are quite expensive though and by no means a necessity. Use a flat surface to cut it on and press the reed together so you cut both sides evenly.


Cut a straight line and do it in one go. After you're done see if you can still play it. If all goes well you can repeat this until the sound is fixed.

Dijkstra’s Shortest Path Algorithm using priority_queue of STL

But chances are that it will get hard to play at some point. That is usually because the wood at the top is now too thick. Now again for the next step a special knife would be recommended but I have heard of people who literally used a normal cutter to make all their reeds so I guess you can use that.

Also before you start I recommend you check out some tutorials on reed making just so you get to know the basics and see how it's done like how to hold the knife and the reed You have to scrape off little amounts of wood near the top of the reed. Do not use too much pressure as you risk ripping the top off. Some final thoughts. Reed making is a craft and everyone uses a slightly different technique.

One way to fight climate change: Work less

You need a lot of practice to find what suits you best but in the end it is worth it. A good teacher can help you out a lot. You could try to contact whoever made your reed and ask him if he could teach you. If you're not into that you could also just contact him and ask if he could use smaller cork pieces or shape the reed a bit smaller. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Any way to make my oboe reed shorter?

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Active 2 years, 1 month ago. Short selling comes involves amplified risk.

How Does an Investor Make Money Short Selling?

When an investor buys a stock or goes long , they stand to lose only the money that they have invested. However, when an investor short sells, they can theoretically lose an infinite amount of money because a stock's price can keep rising forever. Short selling can be used for speculation or hedging. Speculators use short selling to capitalize on a potential decline in a specific security or the broad market. Hedgers use the strategy to protect gains or mitigate losses in a security or portfolio. Note that institutional investors and savvy individuals frequently engage in short-selling strategies simultaneously for both speculation and hedging.

Hedge funds are among the most active short-sellers and often use short positions in select stocks or sectors to hedge their long positions in other stocks. While short selling does present investors with an opportunity to make profits in a declining or neutral market, it should only be attempted by sophisticated investors and advanced traders due to its risk of infinite losses. Short selling is not a strategy used by many investors largely because the expectation is that stocks will rise in value. The stock market, in the long run, tends to go up although it certainly has its periods where stocks go down.

Particularly for investors who are looking at the long horizon, buying stocks is less risky than short-selling the market. Short selling does make sense, however, if an investor is sure that a stock is likely to drop in the short term.

For example, if a company is experiencing difficulties. Stock Trading. Trading Basic Education. Investopedia uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Investopedia, you accept our.

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