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Lyssna fritt i 30 dagar! It Happens! She has always been involved in farming, having studied at Harper Adams and has worked on many farms both in the UK and abroad. Jan lives in a tied cottage on a beef and arable farm where her husband is the tractor driver. She has a deep love of the countryside and her time is shared between organising events and entertainments for elderly residents and "standing in gaps" on the farm!

Her poems include an eclectic mix of life experiences, funny and sometimes sad. Du kanske gillar. It's a Secret!

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It Happened Again! More Rural Rhymes av Jan Millward.

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But because these life events are a part of life and common, people do not believe they have a right to ask for support or help. Everyone experiences one of these or other events at some point in their life that affects them in fundamental ways that are a shock to the system.

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  7. I believe these events are when we can learn to ask for help and when we can learn to build our resilience. We all need to be kind to ourselves. But when this pattern outlasts its need, it becomes a problem.

    Now those behaviours have become more harmful than helpful. Change the formula to get different results.

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    This is nothing to be embarrassed about because this is what makes us human. This is what makes life so beautiful and ugly all at once. There will always be highs and lows in life. Those of you lucky enough to have family and friends as support — please do not isolate them in your time of need.

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    Those of you lucky enough to be ready for help and cannot turn to family or friends, spending time and money with a counselor, therapist, coach, mentor, whatever you want to call it, is priceless in the long-run in terms of your mental, emotional and physical well-being. Sometimes we cannot do these things alone, no matter how much we want to. Sometimes we need help to change the formula to get different results.