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Mosul: A city in Iraq, located miles northwest of Baghdad, and 93 miles northwest of Kirkuk.

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It expanded into providing luxury hotels in major European cities, and became so successful that it monopolized railway travel for international travellers. In the late s, it expanded service into Middle Eastern cities such as Baghdad, Cairo and Tehran along lines such as the Taurus Express mentioned earlier in the book.

The company, known informally as CIWL, is still in operation today. Perrier: The brand name for bottled mineral water taken from a spring in southern France. It is named for Dr. Louis Perrier, who bought the spring in He operated a spa there and bottled the water for sale. It was bought by Englishman St. John Harmsworth, who promoted it as the champagne of mineral water. Punjab: A region consisting today of parts of eastern Pakistan and northern India.

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Bosphorus: The strait that divides Istanbul. Because it connects the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, it is considered a boundary between Europe and Asia. Galata Bridge: A bridge that spans the Golden Horn, an inlet that forms a harbor that divides Istanbul. A succession of bridges have been built here, including one proposed but never built by Leonardo da Vinci that would have been the longest in the world at the time.

The one Poirot crossed was the fourth one, built in It was damaged by a fire in and replaced with the current model. This allows passengers to disembark from a station without the main showing down and losing time by making so many stops. I read my Dickens. Harris in support of all of her opinions.

In reality, Dickens writes, Mrs. His La Comedie Humanie depicted French society after the fall of Napoleon in 91 novels and short stories.

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Its fur is highly valued, even today. Dinars or something: A dinar is the name of a currency. Dinars were used in Yugoslavia up until , and are also in use in Serbia, Macedonia, Jordan, Iraq and others. It is a port located on the western end overlooking the Aegean Sea. It carried the same name as the ancient city which it surrounds until when it was changed to Izmir. Communicating doors are frequently found on passenger trains and hotel rooms. After the Indian Rebellion of was suppressed, Britain assumed direct control of the country. After World War I, in which a million Indians served, there were attempts at reforming the system, soon to be overshadowed by calls for independence.

Vincovci and Brod: Vincovci is a city in the eastern edge of what is now Croatia. Brod is a town in what is now Croatia, near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Vous etes un directeur de la ligne, je crois, Monsieur. Vous pouvez nous dire: You are a line manager, I believe, sir.

Can you tell us? The country was invaded by Nazi Germany in and liberated in The country was held together for another six decades until Serbia and Montenegro seceded in and Kosovo in But before we reach the conclusion, he will experience the pleasure — as will the reader — of showing that the brilliant Belgian is not a man to be trifled with.

Cambric: A fine, dense cloth used for linens, handkerchiefs, and shirts. It is named for the Cambrai region of France, where it was originally made. Curling tongs: A tool designed to change the shape of hair using heat. It consists of a clamp used to crimp hair, or curl it by winding the strands around the tongs.

Innocent of any complicity in the crime: Christie based the Daisy Armstrong case on the notorious kidnapping of Charles Lindbergh Jr. Two years later, Bruno Richard Hauptmann was arrested and convicted in the case and executed. As in the Armstrong case, the Lindbergh nurse, Betty Gow, was suspected of playing a role in the kidnapping, although no evidence exists connecting her to the crime. Vincovci: A city in the eastern edge of what is now Croatia, as mentioned above. Gaspers: Not just a cigarette, but a high-tar version, such as Woodbines or Gauloise.

American versions would be Newport s and Camels. Dressing-gown of Jaeger material: A woolen fabric promoted by German Dr. Gustav Jaeger , who rejected plant-fibre clothing in favor of wearing animal-based fabrics close to the skin. He inspired a line of clothing named for him. An early advocate of Jaeger clothing was George Bernard Shaw Pale mauve abba: Abba or aba, in this instance, is Arabic for a loose, robe-like dressing-gown.

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Avenue Kleber: One of the twelve avenues leading out from the Arc de Triomphe. Despite his personal loss, Hugo remained committed to the cause of political change. On 30 January , he was elected to the newly created Senate. This last phase of his political career was considered a failure. Hugo was a maverick and achieved little in the Senate. Hugo suffered a mild stroke on 27 June On 27 June, one of the largest parades in French history was held.

The paraders marched for six hours past Hugo as he sat at the window at his house. On 20 May , le Petit Journal published the official medical bulletin on Hugo's health condition.


Hugo's death from pneumonia on 22 May , at the age of 83, generated intense national mourning. He was not only revered as a towering figure in literature, he was a statesman who shaped the Third Republic and democracy in France.

All his life he remained a defender of liberty, equality and fraternity as well as an adamant champion of French culture. In , aged 75, he wrote, "I am not one of these sweet-tempered old men. I am still exasperated and violent. I shout and I feel indignant and I cry. Woe to anyone who harms France! I do declare I will die a fanatic patriot.

Most large French towns and cities have a street or square named after him.

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Je donne cinquante mille francs aux pauvres. Je crois en Dieu. I wish to be buried in their hearse. I refuse [funeral] orations from all Churches. I ask all souls for a prayer. I believe in God.