Riches I hold in Light Esteem

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Riches I hold in light esteem

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Meegan 32 books view quotes. Sep 01, PM. Aspen books view quotes. Mar 30, PM. Tori 2 books view quotes. Never has a blue streak Cleft the clouds since morn - Never has his grim Fate Smiled since he was born -. Frowning on the infant, Shadowing childhood's joy; Guardian angel knows not That melancholy boy. Day is passing swiftly Its sad and sombre prime; Youth is fast invading Sterner manhood's time -.

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  • All the flowers are praying For sun before they close, And he prays too, unknowing, That sunless human rose! Blossoms, that the westwind Has never wooed to blow, Scentless are your petals, Your dew as cold as snow -.

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    Soul, where kindred kindness No early promise woke, Barren is your beauty As weed upon the rock -. Wither, Brothers, wither, You were vainly given - Earth reserves no blessing For the unblessed of Heaven! Child of Delight! Thou shouldest live in eternal spring, Where endless day is never dim; Why, seraph, has thy erring wing Borne thee down to weep with him? I, the image of light and gladness, Saw and pitied that mournful boy; And I swore to take his gloomy sadness, And give to him my beamy joy -. How beautiful the Earth is still To thee—how full of Happiness; How little fraught with real ill Or shadowy phantoms of distress; How Spring can bring thee glory yet And Summer win thee to forget December's sullen time!

    Why dost thou hold the treasure fast Of youth's delight, when youth is past And thou art near thy prime?

    When those who were thy own compeers, Equal in fortunes and in years, Have seen their morning melt in tears, To dull unlovely day; Blest, had they died unproved and young Before their hearts were wildly wrung, Poor slaves, subdued by passions strong, A weak and helpless prey! Nay, smile to hear Death's billows rave, My Guide, sustained by thee? The more unjust seems present fate The more my Spirit springs elate Strong in thy strength, to anticipate Rewarding Destiny!

    This poem is part of a larger Gondal poem which Emily revised for publication in She cut lines , , and She added the concluding stanza, which starts with "She ceased to speak Rochelle," the names of two lovers in the Gondal saga. In the dungeon crypts idly did I stray, Reckless of the lives wasting there away; "Draw the ponderous bars; open, Warder stern! This was when glad spring laughed in awaking pride. Then, God forgive my youth, forgive my careless tongue!

    I scoffed, as the chill chains on the damp flagstones rung; "Confined in triple walls, art thou so much to fear, That we must bind thee down and clench thy fetters here?

    Enam - The old stoic

    The captive raised her face; it was as soft and mild As sculptured marble saint or slumbering, unweaned child; It was so soft and mild, it was so sweet and fair, Pain could not trace a line nor grief a shadow there! The captive raised her hand and pressed it to her brow: "I have been struck," she said, "and I am suffering now; Yet these are little worth, your bolts and irons strong; And were they forged in steel they could not hold me long.

    Hoarse laughed the jailor grim: "Shall I be won to hear; Dost think, fond dreaming wretch, that I shall grant thy prayer? Or, better still, wilt melt my master's heart with groans? Ah, sooner might the sun thaw down these granite stones! About her lips there played a smile of almost scorn: "My friend," she gently said, "you have not heard me mourn; When you my parents' lives-my lost life, can restore, Then may I weep and sue-but never, Friend, before!

    He comes with western winds, with evening's wandering airs, With that clear dusk of heaven that brings the thickest stars; Winds take a pensive tone, and stars a tender fire, And visions rise and change which kill me with desire—.