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Literally, within ten casts of throwing this, I hooked into a 9lb 12oz Florida Giant - the biggest bass of my life.

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I was fearful of losing it because I was using a medium rod with 14lb fluorocarbon but these hooks dug in deep and held true which allowed me to land my new personal best. If for anything else, buy this because you won't have to replace the hooks like other models of square bills.

The hooks were not only strong, but also held up well for the salty conditions. I love it's weight and it rarely tangles on casting. I'm here to buy more. The delta craw biggie bumpin flat out catches em on the delta, Clearlake and any body of water you can bump. The standard hooks are solid, I've been using the same bait for a few months now and no sign of them bending at all. The teeth marks from multiple bass are about the only sign of use on this bait!

The most successful by far is this biggie square bill. It doesn't which color you get, it will catch bass for you. I owned just about every color that they has here. You must have if not all at least one in your arsenal. Great square bill.

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And the rattling is solid! Abalone is my favorite so far!

Gonna try some creepers next! Buy this crankbait!!!! By far the best crank bait I have ever used or even seen. It will catch you tons of bass. I give it a ten. The paint chips after you catch some bass,maybe fix the paint so it won't chip, but still works fine. From: Chris: fallbrook,california. Cold Blooded, rattling, is perfect for light stained to stained water..

If I'm fishing over about 7ft I am religous about adding Suspend Dots to mine to really put it down there in warm water right at those suspended fish, change the hooks to Owner Stinger trebbles and it'll add twice as much confidence to this bait. Glad I did! When she chooses April 9, he invites everybody in the boarding house to her tenth birthday party. He, Ruth, and Addy all work on the garden to help bring Sam and Esther home.

He plans a trip to head south to look for Sam and Esther. Sign In Don't have an account?

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In the s and s, those mountain people dispersed, and the family gene pool became much more diverse. Other relatives, perhaps like Green's paternal relatives, scattered throughout Virginia and Arkansas. Even today, "you almost never see a patient with it," said Dr. Ayalew Tefferi , a hematologist from Minnesota's Mayo Clinic. In the mildest form, methemoglobinemia causes no harm, and most of the Fugates lived well into their 80s.

But in Green's case, his body is starved of oxygen and every organ is affected. Methemoglobinemia is a blood disorder in which an abnormal amount of methemoglobin -- a form of hemoglobin -- is produced. Methemoglobin cannot effectively release oxygen. Hemoglobin is responsible for distributing oxygen to the body and without oxygen, the heart, brain and muscles can die. Green's condition was such an anomaly that hematologists at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston paid for him to fly East several years ago just to study him.

Most of what is known about methemoglobinemia comes from one doctor's study of the Fugate ancestry in the early s. Madison Cawein III, a hematologist at the University of Kentucky's Lexington Medical Clinic, drew family charts and blood samples to better understand the genetic disorder. The last in the direct line of Fugates to inherit the gene was Benjamin "Benjy" Stacy , whose skin at birth was "as Blue as Lake Louise," according to doctors at the time. He now lives in Alaska, according to Facebook.

Richard (Dick) Stewart and son Ben

Green is not the only person to wonder if there is a genetic connection to the Blue Fugates. Jennifer L. Adams Horsley of Hartford, Ind. It was so pronounced that everybody thought she was sick.

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Parker died at 73 of liver cancer nine years ago, "So we may never know," said her daughter-in-law. He grew up in Ohio, but his parents had met in Carter County, Kentucky. The Horsleys said they know of no other children or grandchildren who inherited the gene for methemoglobinemia. Methemoglobinemia may be passed down through families or can be caused by exposure to certain drugs, chemicals or foods.

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In Green's case, the disorder was genetic and occurs when there is a problem with the enzyme called cytochrome b5 reductase. In type one, the red blood cells lack the enzyme.

In type 2 -- also called hemoglobin M disease -- the enzyme doesn't work anywhere in the body. Green has M disease, which is caused by defects in the hemoglobin molecule itself and can be passed down from only one parent. The disorder once saved his father's life, according to a story told by Green's mother. For that very reason, Green takes three different blood-thinning drugs to prevent blood clots and morphine for the pain.

As for finding his father, "I would really like to know more about how he grew up with it and how he dealt with it. My father and I never met, but come to find out, we are a lot alike.