Poor Justice

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How small data can improve access to justice for the poor

Judge Schneider commented on the growing number of tenants with legal representation, as well as the importance of procedural reforms for promoting access to justice. Connect with Us Email.

Photo Gallery Meeting Once a Month Poverty Justice Solutions fellows meet once a month for workshops to enhance their skills and knowledge. Schneider meets with Poverty Justice Solutions lawyers.

How the Poor Fare in the Courts

Getting Ready for Work Poverty Justice Solutions meet before heading off to their community-based assignments. Access to Justice.

Justice for the Poor

Audio Improving Access to Justice in Housing Court: A Conversation with Jordan Dressler Jordan Dressler, the director of the recently created New York City Office of Civil Justice, discusses Mayor Bill de Blasio's ambitious five-year plan to provide free or low-cost legal assistance to every low-income New Yorker facing eviction, deportation, or other potentially life-altering civil proceedings.

As followers of Christ, we are challenged to make a preferential option for the poor, namely, to create conditions for marginalized voices to be heard, to defend the defenseless, and to assess lifestyles, policies and social institutions in terms of their impact on the poor. The option for the poor does not mean pitting one group against another, but rather, it calls us to strengthen the whole community by assisting those who are most vulnerable.

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From the Scriptures we learn that the justice of a society is tested and judged by its treatment of the poor. God's covenant with Israel was dependant on the way the community treated the poor and unprotected—the widow, the orphan and the stranger Deut.

How the High Cost of Justice Pushes the Poor Into Prison

Throughout Israel's history and in the New Testament, the poor are agents of God's transforming power. In the gospel of Luke, Jesus proclaims that he has been anointed to bring good news to the poor 4. Similarly, in the Last Judgment, we are told that we will be judged according to how we respond to the hungry, the thirsty, the prisoner and the stranger Matthew Therefore, the preferential option for the poor is not optional. As such, each Christian must make a choice to lift up the poor and disadvantaged in very real and concrete ways.

What Does Justice Have to Do with Overcoming Poverty? - Open Society Foundations

Preferential option for the poor means that Christians are called to look at the world from the perspective of the marginalized and to work in solidarity for justice. Skip to main content. Communities Community Partners.

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Enter your keywords. Student Reflection:. The option for the poor asks everyone to realize the plight of those who struggle to survive, and to put the needs of these most vulnerable members of society ahead of individual selfish interests…We can never stop questioning an oppressive system that forces billions of our brothers and sisters in our country and around the world to live in poverty.