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It's one of the most gratifying perks in my job, and since I'm an avowed hedonist, I couldn't feel luckier. The courses were nearly all home runs. Of the seventeen courses, there was only one that I didn't understand. We started off at such a high level that I said to the beautiful young Japanese girl on my right, "this is as good as heaven can be. I wonder if I have died, and this is it? On paper, that sounds terrible, but when you have this combination in a martini glass or short demitasse coffee cup as he often serves it , it's to die for.

This was another magical combination to die for. The same can be said for the sea urchins served in a cappuccino style with an emulsion of sea urchin juices with chunks of meat at the bottom of the emulsion.

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Full-bodied with vibrant acidity, it worked magnificently well. We next had a flight of four of the greatest Bordeaux from the vintage, three of which were perfection on this magical, never-to-be-forgotten evening. It was a spectacular performance, with a dense purple color, earthy, leathery richness, extraordinary wealth of fruit, an amazing texture, and a remarkably full-bodied, opulent personality. The next course was one of the greatest I have had in many years, an ethereal tart lathered with onions and bacon that was completely covered with sliced black truffles.

This young wine is rich and unctuous as well as extraordinarily elegant and precise.

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At this point, the meal could have ended and it would have been one of the greatest meals I have ever had. However, there were more than a dozen courses coming up in addition to some amazing wines. Toggle navigation App Marketing. Guida per promuovere la tua app Esperto in un click Italian Edition.

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Japanese Hedonist Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. Happy reading Japanese Hedonist Bookeveryone. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. You can see other guys on the streets as well. But for tomorrow, I have no idea. Bars Cocktail Gen Yamamoto A minimalist bar space that seats eight cocktail drinkers, the eponymous bar of Gen Yamamoto serves omakase-style tasting menus of seasonal cocktails.

Cafes Gelateria Ice Ouca Traditional flavours of Japanese sweets in a rainbow-selection of ice cream. Shops Fashion Note et Silence Womenswear with a twist.

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Shops Fashion Journal Standard You're sure to find what you're looking for at this bohemian store. Restaurants Japanese Udon Maruka. Shops Accessories Tila March If you're looking for gorgeously soft leather handbags, then this is the place to be. Shops Concept Stores Kisara 'Asa' hemp products for every occasion. Bars Cocktail Kissa Ginza Granny-chic, Tokyo style; in Kissa Ginza, the only things on the younger side of 40 are the late-night clientele. Bars Cocktail Maduro With a whisky in one hand and a cigar in the other, join the glamorous jet-set at Maduro.

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Shops Fashion Tsumori Chisato Crazy patterns are this designer's trademark. Restaurants Eclectic One Garden Embrace the Japanese beauty craze with a range of collagen-enhanced cuisine. While it may last another two decades, it is absolutely majestic at present. This impressive wine is undeniably outstanding, but it is somewhat monolithic, and never seems to quite sing at a first-growth level. However, my instincts suggest it only needs time. I could have eaten five or six servings of this dish I could say the same thing about every dish that emerged from the kitchen.

With the next course, we hit the first glitch, not in terms of the cuisine as the wonderful caramelized little bird with Robuchon's famous buttery mashed potatoes was extraordinary. It was not a great example of this wine, which can be perfect.

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This was another great dish. It was served with a beautiful dish of lentils from France's Puy region, which accentuated the wine's texture. A slice of Japan's famed Waygu beef with an emulsion of shallots was stunning, especially when served with a complex, opulent Certan de May , a wine that has been stubbornly backward and youthful since it was bottled.

This was served with a rabbit dish, which was the only dish I did not care for As the Japanese girl to my right said, "this is Japanese rabbit," and perhaps it just has a different flavor and texture. There are a lot of fraudulent bottles floating around in the marketplace, and the Le Pin is one that is often suspect.

This was a real bottle, but it had obviously been mistreated somewhere during its life.

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When first decanted, it seemed maderized. The maderization element improved considerably in several hours, but the wine never really came through, and was disappointing if only in the context that this can be an extraordinarily rich, flamboyant effort. It was accompanied by an amazing risotto with white truffles from northern Italy.

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All of these wines were decanted hours in advance, and that aeration seemed to help this amazingly youthful, backward I decided that the really ancient wines should be served alone, without any food, and decanted immediately prior to serving. The magnum was extraordinary, a great example of a year old wine that remains elegant, with abundant fruit and complexity. It was a honor and privilege to drink.

Both possessed residual sugar and re-fermentation characteristics.