I Look Back and Wonder How I Got Over

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And when she gouged out my heart, I could always count on ''Send Her My Love,'' which I would blare on my Walkman as I passed her house on the bus every day. Perry said when he spoke with me from his home north of San Diego. Perry is no longer with Journey, having been estranged from the band in , when the other members became tired of waiting for him to decide whether to have hip-replacement surgery or to go on tour again.

They hired another singer with a mullet haircut, Steve Augeri, who croons a lot like Mr. Perry, looks a little like Kenny G and works hard to convert the holdout Perry loyalists like me. I drove to Hershey earlier this month to see the latest incarnation of the band.

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Before I spoke to Mr. Perry on the phone, I visited with the current Journey band members at their hotel, riding to the concert with them. Humble and ingratiating, the band seemed happy to have the attention. I mean that sincerely, bro' ,'' Mr. Valory said. He was a co-writer of ''Open Arms'' and ''Faithfully. I think someone stole it. Anyway, those days are long gone.

No temptresses like Kate Hudson in ''Almost Famous'' were waiting backstage in Hershey, nor were the women in the catering tent scorned lovers from tours gone by. But there were devoted fans: Rhonda Dirr and Tracy Watland, for instance, both 37 and from Chicago, who have made it to 19 of Journey's 46 shows since May. Dirr, who is an accountant. Watland said, smiling. Cain is 53, Mr. Valory 54, and Mr. Schon, the diminutive guitarist who at 15 played with Carlos Santana, The three remaining members from the band's heyday, they still have their hair and their passion for the music.

Schon, who wore bandanas and leather vests and whose solos used to make girls swoon, is about 15 pounds heavier today.

Loud And Quiet

Cain talked about his low-carb diet before he went onstage, saying he slept and felt better without all that pasta, rice and bread in his stomach. And Mr. I do remember feeling quite relieved because it really is a dark play. He shows the sundry divisions among the children, ranging from mockery of their tyrannical dad to, in one case, total adherence to his Islamic faith.

In some respects it is an unlikely one. With the wrong touch, it could easily seem arid or arch or simply a quaint piece of 50s absurdism. It dusts off and remakes a piece of theatrical history … Briers is full of subtle twists: by turns babyish and an incipient bully. McEwan finds a perfect niche for her rococo artificiality … The closeness of their acting together has the Complicite hallmark. So does the orchestration of sound effects: buzzers and bells and fanfares rise together in an unearthly chorus. But my claim has always been that people think more deeply when they think together.

At the same time, I hope the play will be seen as a meditation on art. I talk about my visit to Yad Vashem, the museum of the Holocaust, and the sense that its sculpture and painting seem superfluous when set against the bare facts.

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What does art add to this situation in the Middle East? How, if at all, does it illuminate?

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Structurally, the play is rather like a violent version of La Ronde; tonally, its mood of dazzling apocalyptic farce suggests the novels of Kurt Vonnegut or Joseph Heller … This is a play about the breakdown of society in contemporary Russia. What astonishes is the cool, sardonic wit that the Presnyakov brothers bring to their task. Instead of treating the characters as Gogolian grotesques, Gray assumes that violence is now an everyday fact of Russian life.

I had read the powerful emails she sent home from Gaza, serialised in G2 [days after she was killed by an Israeli bulldozer in the Gaza Strip trying to prevent the demolition of Palestinian homes]. In the latest play from Simon Stephens , it is Danny — a squaddie who has served in Basra — who is bringing the war back home. To Danny it is not Iraq, but England that is the foreign country.

The war was all right.

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I miss it. It is also a place of dubious moralities, small-time arms dealers and middle class swingers and anti-war protesters. In his excavations of working-class life, Stephens has often displayed a tender touch. But it was an easy process: you signed up and turned up. Our tutors were Levi David Addai, whose play I wanted to write a play about Peckham, where I grew up, about my Nigerian-British heritage and about knife crime.

More than any of my other plays, it was a really organic process.

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  • I just went with what I was feeling; my emotions at the time. The Court felt like a family-run business. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and excited to develop something new. Rooster is a drug dealer, an old biker, a dispenser of alcohol to the underage, a shielder of youth from more ferocious predators, a fabulist, a lord of misrule and a summoner of spirits.

    He tells of golden stags and babies born with teeth and chest hair. He boasts about being kidnapped by traffic wardens. In a further proof of his chameleon powers, he seems to have changed shape, to have thickened and grown in bulk … When he tells a story, he has the eerie but intimate touch of an enchanter; someone who sees everyone but seems to be looking only at you. Miriam Buether, set designer: The Court is a versatile theatre for designers.

    Don't Look Back in Anger

    We took out all the auditorium seats and did the same for Sucker Punch , written by Roy Williams and directed by Sacha Wares. We needed to create an arena for a sports event in the theatre, in a believable manner. I knew there had to be a boxing ring and a gym and that both had to work in parallel. We created an onstage balcony so they could turn it into a theatre in the round.

    It was quite a challenge to build — it looked, on the plan, more like an oil rig. It was difficult and expensive but they kept it to use on other shows.

    How I Got Over Lyrics

    Designers often have battles with theatres about changing seating and reconfiguring the space, but your role is to design a whole environment properly. They let you do a lot at the Court. Taking out all the seats and buying a load of bucket chairs for the entire downstairs?

    1597. Easternnaires- No More Do I Look Back and Wonder How I Made It Over

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