Greyson Breyer And The Ugly Tree

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Breyerfest was my daughters first BF and my 3rd.

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Turning my second Dominante into a Friesian. I have attached my reference photo. I know the back needs to be filled out a bit as I curved it down a bit to fit the Friesian back. I have lifted Dominante's head up which gives him a fuller neck and that proud Friesian stance.

I have put my OF Dominante next to him to show how he looked before I started on him.

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Finished a mini set of bridle, breastplate and pad. It was interesting to try to make a stamping. So far, the result is satisfied, but there is always something to improve. What should his name be? Another old photo. Going to an event! I hope you have a wonderful day! Listened to maresinblack Podcast today while working on blankets!

Etsy Shop- InfinityBreyersCo. A: yes i do! Finally uploaded some pictures of this girl! Super happy to finally own her. Also I can't believe I leave for Breyerfest a week from today! Have a safe and fun 4th of July tomorrow everyone! This pretty girl is all finished! She has been slightly repositioned with a heat gun and is supported with some clear rods in a custom base. This girl will be perfect for performance!

She will be listed to eBay in a few weeks once I have time to take pictures. Would live some name suggestions! Throwback to the last breyerfest I went to- !! Brace yourselves. Also instagram what the heckeroonie was that today, d00d. It is nasty. There was like no blood but yikes [].

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Your past is what shapes you for the future. However that doesn't mean that it controls who you are and who you will be that is all up to you and you alone. QOTD- first clarion purchase.

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  5. Since insta is up and running again! Will these "almost finished" models make it to bfartisansgallery??? I'm starting to hope they will! A few days ago I primed this custom up and I am very excited to start working on it! I think it turned out really nicely! What do you think of her so far? I believe this girl is a breyer traditional foal? A hint to the second release in the Primer club! I'm thinking saddlebred! Meet "El Dragon" a Breyerfest silent auction piece with tack!

    OMG I cannot wait to see who the next thepeterstonecompany ambassadors will be!!! Last year was the first time I tried the diorama.

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    My theme was two retired racehorses enjoying retirement fishing and reminiscing about their racing days. Busy week ahead for me. I hope that you all are doing well and I will be posting on and off! I gotta get more photos O3O. They were happy that was nice. No more than 5 minute later I meet a lady with a matte black leopard Appaloosa and she wanted to trade for any other surprise. When I found out later there were only 84 made I may have cried. Lessons learned at Breyerfest. I have to say, I am so so happy with how this mini brio came out. Been trying to make the best of my trip. It rained this morning and flooded my tent. Hospital staff, already schooled in helping uninsured patients determine whether they are eligible for government programs like Medicaid, are expected to lend a hand.

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