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Fulfilment through Learning New influences — literature Jasia, Poldi, Julian To the promised land — Israel Henrietta Michaelson and the Jerusalem Music Academy The Mozart competition and public concerts Marriage to Gabi Ben-Or London — the Alexander Technique Shadows from the Past — inner illness Married to Roger Clynes Various journeys Reflections Appendices. I thoroughly recommend this truly outstanding book of a truly uplifting life. A most moving tale which should be read by people from all walks of life, and especially pianists. Conditions were harsh.

The land was rocky, the stones needed to be removed by hand, and in the first two years, the lack of water in the area necessitated water to be trucked in daily. Yet these youngsters persisted and established a comfortable life for themselves, their descendants and future members.

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The community sees to the basic needs of all members throughout their lives "Since the founders of our kibbutz were from the Kindertransport , they were very family oriented. They wanted to spend more time with their children, to eat with them and sleep close by, even though this was against kibbutz ideals," says Moshe. Kibbutz Lavi's ideology is based upon values that are expressed through partnership and democracy.

Therefore, the community sees to the basic needs of all members throughout their lives, in return for the individual's contribution to a common good according to personal ability.

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Like fixing the brooms. But when I was younger, I worked in agriculture for twenty years and another twenty years in the Dairy. My sons work in the furniture factory. Lavi's furniture factory specializes in synagogue furniture which is sold throughout Israel and exported around the world. Members of the kibbutz don't receive a monthly salary.

They do, however, receive a yearly budget for personal needs. Housing, food, healthcare and education are provided by the community. Moshe derives much satisfaction from the kibbutz. Everybody works according to their ability and nobody tries to get out of work. It's like a family business; we all aim for success and we share the dividends with each other. Lavi was built as 'utopic' as possible.

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After a full school day, the children join their family in the communal dining room for dinner. Sometimes, in inclement weather for instance, the family decides to take the food home and eat there so they don't have to haul their kids to the dining room.

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The synagogue in Kibbutz Lavi For those who have a difficult time making decisions, kibbutz life is a wonderful way of handing over the headache to the General Committee. Hardy individuals who thrive on choice may find relinquishing their decision-making rights a sacrifice. Decisions such as where to invest or spend money are decided by the General Committee. And, of course, there will always be those who think a decision applies to you and not to me.

For example, once there was a decision that all dogs should be tied up — they scare the kids, they dirty the grounds. But many people felt, 'my dog is all right, he doesn't cause problems. When the fledgling Israeli army was struggling to establish the country's freedom, kibbutz members were heralded as the heroes of the land and the elite of Israeli society.

They were the ones who were the first to volunteer for every national task and they imbued the Israeli Defense Forces with a spirit of pioneering, bravery and determination. Following the fall of communism, kibbutz style has lost much of its glitter and charm in the eyes of the world. Kibbutz Lavi has always been very liberal, and in recent years has become even more liberal. Yet there are changes. Another change that occurred is the way the children's clothes are distributed. In the past, all the children would get measured and the kibbutz would buy their clothes. Today, the younger couples get money for their children's clothes and buy what they want.

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And many second or third generation members have left the kibbutz. They grew up in the city, so they want to make their own decisions, keep the money they earn, and live near their families. Moshe predicts that the chapter of kibbutz life is coming to a close In the last few years, most kibbutzim have privatized.

The motivation of the founders, their strong convictions and their distinct ideology, forged a society with a unique communal way of life which their children adhered to. However, as Moshe looks to the future, he predicts that the chapter of kibbutz life is coming to a close. The present generation has been raised in a prosperous society.

These young adults have set their sights elsewhere. They're looking to utilize their knowledge, efforts and talents to meet the challenges of modern life in the technological age. All our children are college graduates; they'll go out in the world to get married and work in their fields of expertise.

They want to make their own decisions. The world is changing and so is the kibbutz. Today, Kibbutz Lavi hosts many visitors and vacationers in their prestigious hotel. Situated in the heart of the Galilee, with luxurious rooms, gourmet meals and scenic landscape, Kibbutz Lavi Hotel beckons to Israelis and foreigners alike.

The children's area, the cows in the milking parlor and the Rose Garden with an ancient olives press all guarantee a unique experience.

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But what is perhaps most apparent are the genuine smiles and willingness of staff members to fulfill the beck and call of just anyone for anything, a reflection of the readiness to give that has been instilled in these individuals from childhood. She is said to have settled in Kibbutz Lavi and died there in Did she make aliyah in the s or only arrived in Lavi after its founding in ? I was an Irish co-camper in her tent inFlixton. We corresponded and I met her again in Thaxted. I don't know her married name. My single name was Lily Davidson. If anyone knows how to contact her could you email me with information please Reply.

I remember very well Sikul Avanim because every stone I picked up wa a great mitzvah. Does anybody remember me? Harold Cohen Q. I wish I could have spent more time at the Kibbutz and actually toured the grounds. Thank you for this article; now I know a great deal more about a place I enjoyed visiting. And, G-d willing, will visit again. Here's a great tip!

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