Feint of Art:: An Annie Kincaid Mystery

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The heroine, Annie Kincaid, is very likable and entertaining. The plot is done well and has a twist that is unexpected. The writing is good and Annie seems better motivated to investigate and be Hailey Lind , Juliet Blackwell. At ten, painting a perfect Mona Lisa made Annie Kincaid a prodigy. A similar copy at seventeen made her a crook.

Lesson learned: genuine art is priceless, and forgery gets you arrested. Finding the originals - and pocketing the reward money - will get Annie's new landlord off her back. But it could also draw her into the underworld of fakes and forgers she swore she'd left behind, starting with a close encounter with a changeable but charming art thief Genre: Cozy Mystery.

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My daughter recommended, and besides the plot, so enjoy the humor. Aug 31, Vickie rated it really liked it Shelves: cozy-amateur-sleuth. MPB, Such a cool cozy series with a fab premise. Definitely look for more! Jun 29, Imjussayin rated it liked it Shelves: woman-protagonist , series , mystery-cosy , humorous. Not only is it a forgery, but Annie knows who painted it! And that same night Ernest disappears and a janitor's dead body discovered. After a spell in a European jail, Annie has returned to America setting herself up as a respectable faux finisher in San Francisco.

Inbetween fired by the Brock. There is something naive and yet appealing about Annie. She embodies joie de vivre although she is too trusting, a tad frustrating but feisty and comedic. I find myself enjoying cosy art mysteries. Annie is the second series of this type that I am reading. In both series the protagonists, first names begin with A. And there the similarities end. Annie is funny and warm and relatable. Is drawn to two different men J. The dual man attraction-attention is somewhat hackneyed, but I enjoy it in this story.

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What is more difficult to swallow is Annie needing to be rescued by one or other love interest. And I wonder if along the line the authors will be brave enough to have a genuinely independent and feisty Annie?

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The large supporting cast makes the fascinating but complex plot unnecessarily more complicated. So keep a notebook handy just in case. The author eases the reader's path by giving the cast of a million characters nicknames like 'fender bender' to DeBenton. An explanation of why would be a spoiler. The book has a diverse cast of characters that lends texture to the story.

I like the intergenerational aspect of the work, and the world building is convincing.

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I had fun with this book and am off to read book two. A prominent example of the genre. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Anna "Annie" Kincaid has a shadowy and complicated past, especially with the art world. She has a unusual talent that she had employed unwisely for not exactly a higher purpose - she's a talented artist, and had joined her grandfather's criminal enterprise in faking paintings of the Old Masters.

At present, she's running her own business, which specializes in creating faux finishes for residential and commercial buildings. Out of the blue, she was asked by her ex-boyfriend, Ernst Pettigrew, Anna "Annie" Kincaid has a shadowy and complicated past, especially with the art world.

Out of the blue, she was asked by her ex-boyfriend, Ernst Pettigrew, the Brock Museum's curator, to examine the museum's new acquisition - Caravaggio's "The Magi". The next day, when they were supposed to meet again, the museum's janitor was murdered, and Ernst had disappeared. This was one of the first few titles Goodreads recommended when I was beginning to get interested in cozy mysteries.

I saved this on my list because I share a name with the cozy mystery protagonist, and because of the art theme. Annie as a character is in a weird state of her life - she's a very talented artist, her grandfather recruited her in producing fake art masterpieces, and she got into trouble because of that. She was employed as a legitimate art restorer, but a jealous colleague sabotaged her. Now, she's making faux pieces for her clients who want to display something in their homes and offices, and is constantly worrying over finances. She gets involved in a murder AND a disappearance, and two hot guys want her for very different reasons.

I like Annie without the whole romantic hullabaloo. She's independent, she's smart, and she's gutsy. The issue I have with her is that she is too impulsive that she gets into so much trouble, and she always goes with the wrong crowd. I'm rooting for one of the love interests to succeed, only because the tension is believable and spicier. I hope he doesn't break Annie's heart. The other guy Although he's the "bad boy", it's wrong to assume that "bad boys" are better for a relationship a well-loved, well-developed protagonist deserves.

When the story began, I was a little bit bogged down by the exposition, but one just had to bear through it because the next scenes are worth it.

There's a lot of action after the information overload, and the suspects and the criminal have human motives. The mystery has a tinge of absurd and dark humor, and it's a caper because of the suspects and their motives and how everything happened. I was disappointed as to how the story ended. I was anticipating some things that should have happened, and Annie, for her intelligence and sense, should have known better. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series to know how the whole story ends, and what happens to Annie and how her character progresses. Aug 15, a. Feint of plot and talent We climbed into the cab, where all was silent but for the sound of heavy breathing.

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I was drenched in sweat, my nose was running, my hands were shaking, and I had one hell of a stitch in my side. I was trying to decide whether or not to throw up. Several long minutes passed. I glared at her, unwilling to spare the oxygen for a snide reply. Besides, she had a point. Maybe it was time to return Feint of plot and talent We climbed into the cab, where all was silent but for the sound of heavy breathing. Teaching faux-finishing courses for do-it-yourselfers was looking better all the time. Numerous annoying inconsistencies like above. In a cab, then suddenly starting an engine Poorly written Vapid main character For this one, she teams up with her sister.

I really tried to go with the plot twists and just enjoy the story but I found myself frequently annoyed with Annie for doing completely stupid things like continuing to trust someone who is repeatedly dishonest, destroys her property, and endangers her life…more than once.

Departure & Discovery, the Art of Anne Marble Caramanico

Dec 13, Melanie rated it liked it. Annie was once an art forger. Trying to go straight is harder than she thought.

Feint of Art

Her rent increase may get her kicked out on the street if she cannot find some old master's drawings. A Caravaggio painting is missing an people are dying. Her studio caught on fire and she might not be able to finish all her commissions. I liked it enough but part of it was missing. What is missing? I'll tell you. The reward. I want her to be able to pay her rent. That was the problem in the beginning of all this. I want her to finish that painting she was working on and get the fee. Now that I care about all these things, I get left with a note and she is heading for Chicago?

Jan 12, Holly Doyal rated it liked it.