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As a 75 person startup, I can now definitely believe it. Hence, it should be no surprise to learn that HR Tech is a booming industry.

AI, machine learning, e-learning, automation, slackbots, robots, people analytics, data analytics, data mining, social networks, digital this, digital that and the list goes on! All this was beautifully articulated by Josh Bersin in his jam-packed-full-of-interesting facts keynote about the trends we can expect to see in HR in ! As I alluded to earlier, I come from the world of the startup, of agility and MVP, of autonomy and responsibility. For the most part of the conference, I was surrounded by people playing in a whole different ball park to me — multinational, multi-thousand employee companies.

Do we start young and adopt robust people analytics, comprehensive performance management systems and well measured diversity and inclusion programs now?

Unfortunately, there is no real play book filled with answers to such questions, or a timeline for what to do when. Wise words no? Or maybe just take a trip to Amsterdam to hang around your people.

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On day one of the conference I found myself in a room of people geared up for a talk on enabling productivity in the flow of work. The next challenge we face as practitioners is to consider how exactly our work improves the holistic productivity and wellbeing of our people. We need to look at whether we are increasing or reducing the cognitive load on our employees while still striving to give them agency.

To paraphrase David Mallon, the speaker who had me on the edge of my seat , we have to ask ourselves how we can play the role of the power cables in the wall, enabling a person to turn on the lights and be illuminated without disrupting their intended purpose for entering or remaining in the room. Charlie is also fully trained in health and safety and first aid. Craig Johnson-Pass. Emma Hadley.

Director Emma has been working in the entertainment industry for over 16 years.

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Molly Pass. Charlie Watson.


Jarvis opens up about his accomplishments, goals, and insights for the coming year. He is also brutally honest about where he needs to improve in He is also brutally honest about where he needs Martin is also widely considered to be one of the best Limited players of all time This week, I want to share a conversation that I had with year old wunderkind Noah Walker. Noah is a Magic player, competitor, basketball enthusiast, and In fact, the conversation started off quite slowly. Noah was not quite sure what to make of some stranger asking him questions over Skype.

But once we started talking abou Tifa Robles wears many hats. She is the founder of the Lady Planeswalker Society, a gamer, and a mother. We first talk about her day job in gaming and how she brings the passion to gamers on a national level. Tifa also shares her principles for building inclusive gaming cultures, and the trials and tribulations of starting LPS.

In this conversation, Will gives me advice on how to improve my mental game. According to him, it is all about focusing on process instead of results. And guess what -- it worked! We go into Christian's backstory and how he feels about the game today.

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Please share this podcast with your friends! We have a lot of great content planned for this year -- subscribe now to make sure you don't miss any episodes. Our first guest of the year is Kai Sawatari. Kai is half-German, half-Japanese, all amazing.

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This podcast was hilarious. Or to use his words — ultra-competitive!

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We talk about parenthood, the origins of his competitive drive, and growing up with Magic friends that inspire each other to perform better every He is a mainstay on the East Coast Eternal Magic scene. What you may not know about Roland, however, is that he was close to leaving the game for good. A seriously unfortunate event almost led him down that path, but the po He also happens to be the person that led me down the path of competitive Magic.

I could not be where I am today were His Magic accomplishments are plentiful. But what you might not know about This week, we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for a different kind of interview. It's about my personal experiences, but it's also a little bit more than tha He has also enjoyed two Top 4 finishes in Grand Prix events, along with a These days he can usually be found terrorizing opponents with his Dredge deck, although he has played He is doing solid work as the mathematical mind behind Team East-West Bowl.