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I am an astrologer and have studied astrology for about 30 years. Using astrology I have made personal and business charts for many people assisting them to observe their strength where and how they could use astrology to enhance their lives. I am an Author and an Illustrator.

I love writing and have written 2 astrology books so far "Doorways To Astrology" and "Astrology Made Simple And Easy To Understand" which has been on the best seller list for a long time. I also love drawing cartoons and people.

Spring Awakening and Debra Silverman Events and Sightings

I have illustrated both my 2 books with cute cartoons. Astrology is an excellent tool it teaches you about your gifts - talents and the path you are best suited to follow. I am married and have a family. You can read more about astrology on my website - here you will find a lot of information about astrology.

Astrology Houses - The Doorway To Life

Books by Hanne Klein. Trivia About Doorways To Astro No trivia or quizzes yet. Keep an eye out for:. Contact Debra Silverman today to learn more about changing your life.

Pinpointing Potential

Website by Growth Gurus. Spring is all about renewal, so why not make it a time to learn something new? Where in the World is Debra Silverman? There are special groups organized for students in her Applied Astrology course as well as those in the Star Community and you get instant access to a powerful and loving community of astrology practitioners, coaches and friends.


Instagram : This is a moment-by-moment peek into the life of Debra…where she is, what her thoughts are, what she cares about, how she relates. Gorgeous imagery…thoughtful insights.

Intriguing artists for many decades, she is reappearing today in such guises as the Lilith Fair music festival, in the fiction of Anais Nin and as television characters in Cheers and Dr. Who, as well as thousands of wide-ranging google references. In astrology, Lilith gives her name to the Black Moon, a point of increasing interest to astrologers, especially in Europe. This Dark Goddess, referred to in the very earliest mythologies from the Sumerians and the Hebrews, first came to me in a dream and called me to work with her long before I knew about her astrological identities.

I am deeply in the service of this triple goddess who has given her name to an asteroid, the Dark Moon, the Black Moon—and even a star. In her many forms, Lilith offers stepping stones to deep dimensions of soul desire. Elliptical orbits are due to gravitational effects. An ellipse has two centers, different than a perfect circle with just one center.

Free Will Astrology: You’ll Soon Transcend Jane Austen, Sagittarius

Therefore it is not a physical body but an abstract point. Black Moon circles the zodiac in 8 years and 10 months. The Black Moon is a key point of the Earth-Moon relationship, symbolizing a central motivating factor that is subtle yet potent, unseen but felt. Named in the very earliest mythologies from the Middle East, Lilith taps into an urgent desire of the soul that seeks dramatization in life and will brook no denial.

The center of gravity between the Earth and Moon is inside the Earth. As part of the Earth-Moon system, Black Moon is a symbolic vortex intimately bound to the center of the Earth. Black Moon and Earth are the two centers or the double center, around which the Moon orbits. Lilith is a twin to the core energy of the Earth, the deep heart of fire. The Black Moon point is where we are lured into the Mystery of life.