Die jüngere Steinzeit auf Bornholm (German Edition)

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Jordan, M. Budja, Documenta Praehistorica 36, Ljubljana, Weninger, B. Whitehouse R. Whitehouse, Radiocarbon dating and Italian prehistory London Barcelona Radiocarbon dating evidence. Proceedings Spelaeological Society 18, , The main controversy today is over the nature of the Neolithic transition in Europe: the extent to which the spread was, for the most part, indigenous and animated by imitation cultural diffusion or else was driven by an influx of dispersing populations demic diffusion. We analyze the spatiotemporal dynamics of the transition using radiocarbon dates from early Neolithic sites in Europe, the Near East, and Anatolia.

We perform a linear fit of distance versus age and vice versa for each center.

This implies that a steady rate or speed is a good overall approximation for this historical development. The average rate of the Neolithic spread over Europe is 0. This is consistent with the prediction of demic diffusion 0. II, Belgrade, Gif natural radiocarbon measurements IX. Theses and papers in archaeology 3 Stockholm Viking 56, , Linick, La Jolla radiocarbon measurements IX.

Cornish Archaeology, Cornish Archaeol 21, , Boric D. In: T. UPA Bonn u. Artelius, C.

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Arcini T. Blumbergs, N. Gejvall, C.

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Die Jungere Steinzeit Auf Bornholm by Hilthart Pedersen · founcigutherind.gq

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Vegetation Dynamics

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