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The soldiers' orders were to take no prisoners. The new manager takes no prisoners. He is ruthless and stern.

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If someone takes no prisoners or does not take any prisoners when they are carrying out a plan or an action, they do it in a very forceful and determined way, without caring if they harm or upset other people. Neil is rough and aggressive; he takes no prisoners. She'd learned the hard way not to take any prisoners. She went in there with an agenda, and she wasn't prepared to make any compromises.

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Note: You can also say that someone has a take-no-prisoners attitude or approach to something. We had a take-no-prisoners attitude, and we didn't care who we upset. Note: This expression refers to the practice of killing enemy soldiers rather than keeping them as prisoners. To be ruthless or unrestrained, as in an undertaking: "Grandmother was both very pretty and very mouthy.

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Take the Productivity Challenge. Want to help combat climate change?

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    Hostages by Oisín Fagan review: Taking no prisoners

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