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Her first chapbook of poetry is forthcoming. She uses curated art shows as a means of confronting and educating the public on historical trauma and systemic racism. The show just closed at its third location and will continue to travel from Autumn - Thursday, August 23, — PM This workshop empowers marginalized communities to imagine their bodies in the world they want to see. Eddie Miller , also known as Edison Sweet is the new student from America who joins the cast in season two.

When he first arrives at the school, Patricia bumps into him and she talks for a while so he calls her "Yacker".

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Because he calls her "Yacker," Patricia calls Eddie "Weasel". He hides a secret from everybody, which is later revealed to be the identity of his father, Mr. Sweet who is also the school's headmaster. Patricia finds out and she keeps it a secret, even though Eddie acted as if he couldn't trust her. Even though they are rivals, Eddie and Patricia develop feelings for one another. Eddie and Patricia share a kiss, starting a relationship between them.

However, after kissing Piper by mistake, Eddie's secret of being Mr. Sweet's son is exposed via the intercom, with all the kids in the school start calling him "Sweetie Junior.

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He also is a troublemaker. In the season finale, Eddie is revealed to be an Osirian, a descendant of the Egyptian god Osiris who is a protector of the Chosen One. Learning of this, Eddie uses his power to banish Senkhara and to save Nina. In Season 3, Patricia and Eddie have broke up during the summer, but no one understands why; they just said it was a "mutual" decision. Nina does not return because the Chosen One and the Osirian are not supposed to be together; therefore, she gives Eddie her locket and a note to deliver to Fabian.

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Eddie begins to receive strange visions of the future that Nina never experienced, the first anticipating the arrival of the new student KT Rush. KT begins to feel uncomfortable when Eddie is constantly interrogating her about her moon key and her grandfather, but they eventually begin to bond together. Eddie helps KT search for the door that the key unlocks, accidentally discovering that the history teacher Miss Denby also has a key.

When Amber leaves the school due to a conspiracy involving Victor's ceremonial bracelet, she initiates Eddie and KT into Sibuna. Eddie is unanimously chosen to become the new leader of Sibuna, in place of Nina. They work together to stop the teachers from performing Robert's awakening ceremony incorrectly and causing him to become evil. He often comforts KT when she gets emotional, much to the dismay of Patricia. Once Robert begins collecting sinners at the gatehouse, Patricia and Eddie become a couple once again. Things go awry when Patricia discovers a love letter written to Eddie.

In order to make him jealous, she earns the affection of Eddie's rival, Ben Reed. Eddie makes things right with Patricia while desperately trying to defeat Ben whom he calls "Benji" in the school's dodgeball tournament. Anubis House wins the tournament, and Eddie patches things up with Ben. Later, he is devastated to discover that the Sibuna members had betrayed him. He is tricked into completing the Staff of Osiris, which Robert steals in order to open the portal for Ammut's arrival. Eddie and KT seek the help of Willow when they have no one else to turn to.

Harriet Denby, Miss Denby's sister, gives them advice to help them restore Robert to his peaceful state. She advises them to collect both keys together at the base of the staff. Eddie and KT complete the task, defeating Ammut, and saving the school from total destruction. He and Patricia make up and reaffirm their feelings for each other. Not long afterwards, around the time of the students' graduation, Eddie meets the new girl, Sophia. At their field trip to the museum, Eddie, Dexter, and Sophia discover the Touchstone of Ra, an ancient artifact required to complete the Pyramid of Ra.

When Mr. Sweet finds out that one of the students stole the artifact, it is confiscated by Victor. After overhearing the teachers' plans, Sibuna gets on the case, opting Sophia and Mara to join them. Eddie later realizes that Sophia is not who she seems, as she plans to build the pyramid herself.

Sibuna teams up with Victor to stop Sophia from completing the Pyramid of Ra. In the aftermath of the confrontation, Eddie loses his Osirian powers. Eddie is portrayed by Burkely Duffield. Patricia Williamson is a resident of Anubis House, a head-strong, witty, goth tomboy who thinks her way out of things and will help her friends out of situations that they can't get out of themselves. At the beginning of the series, after her best friend Joy is removed by the Secret Society who cover up her history in the school, Patricia went to great lengths to find her.

Patricia originally believed Nina to be connected to Joy's disappearance, acting vicious, cold, and dark towards her. She met with the mysterious private investigator Dr. Renee Zeldman later revealed to be Rufus Zeno , who convinces her that he can help find Joy. After witnessing Victor dragging away an unconscious Rufus Patricia's only link to Joy , she joins Sibuna, learning that Anubis House's secret is connected to Joy's disappearance. In the end, she and Nina clear their misunderstandings.

In the second season, though annoyed by Joy's schemes to win Fabian from Nina, Patricia begins to get close to the new student Eddie in a love-hate relationship. Patricia then rejoined Sibuna to help her friends find the Mask of Anubis, getting marked by the Mark of Anubis prior to her twin sister Piper showing up.

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Soon Patricia asked Piper to stay, which led to even more drama. Patricia sent Piper on a date with Eddie to impress Mr. Sweet but soon Eddie mistakes her for Patricia and kisses her. Sweet, who is secretly Eddie's dad, finds out and soon accepts her to stay at his school. Patricia finds out that she kissed Eddie and was mad at him for not telling her about it He thought she was just mad at him because he kissed her sister.

She soon forgave him but, she sees that Mara and Eddie have spent a lot of time together as ghost hunters. She even found them asleep in the cellar coming out of the Frobisher Library, and they mistake her voice for the ghost. Mara is only his friend, but he tries to make Patricia jealous every time she sees them together. He later, while on their blind-date, admits this and adds that it's because it shows that she likes him back. At the end of season 2 she and Eddie begin their relationship. In the third season, Patricia and Eddie have broken up during the summer and she is beginning to dislike the new girl, KT.

She becomes the second sinner of jealousy when Miss Denby tricks her. To cover up her treason, she destroys the phonograph and frames KT. She is returned to normal when Ammut is destroyed. She and Eddie later reconcile and begin their relationship once again. Amber Millington is a resident of the House of Anubis and one of Nina's best friends. She is a very girly, sweet, beautiful, naive girl with a flair for fashion and a strong, unbreakable bond with the group.

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Amber is very fashion forward - she reads dozens of gossip magazines, owns tons of dresses, shoes and jewelry, and decorates her side of her dorm with all things pink. Amber's father is hinted to be a successful business man and very rich, as she shops all the time and in the beginning of the first season, she talks on her phone with her father, saying she wants a bigger allowance because she saw a beautiful pair of shoes.

Amber is hinted to be Nina's third-in-command, as she is the only one Nina could trust next to Fabian. At the beginning of the series she roomed with Mara until the love triangle between them and Mick forces her to room with Nina, becoming one of Nina's best friends and practically her sister.

Amber would ultimately play a role as not only one of three founding members of the Sibuna Club, but also giving their group its name and membership gesture. Eventually, after making her peace with Mara and letting Mick go, Amber is taken by Alfie to the prom dance. In Season 2, she searches for the Mask of Anubis with Nina and Fabian while dealing with Alfie as her boyfriend, Patricia joins the gang as well.

Eventually, Amber too is branded with the Mark of Anubis before being hexed by Senkara to grow old at an alarming rate. In the beginning of Season 2, Amber doesn't really like Alfie.

In the finale, Amber asks Alfie if they should try "Amfie" or "Alber" again and they do. In Season 3, Amber seems to have a small role, although she is still part of Sibuna. She ends up being locked in the tank room, while Sibuna is investigating at the Gate House and she finds Robert Frobisher-Smythe in the tank, although unaware it is him. She is then missing at the school as her father makes an appearance. She is then discovered in the tank room by Ms. Her father ultimately decides Amber will no longer be attending the school, and will instead go to fashion school in New York City.

Although, Amber reveals, to Sibuna and KT, she gave the teachers a fake bracelet and gives the real one back to Sibuna, she then leaves the school. Saying that it might be a good idea to re-form Sibuna with Fabian as the leader.

Fabian says he can't and Eddie becomes the leader.