Agosto 2013. Niente sarà più come prima (Pamphlet) (Italian Edition)

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Rain, warmth and heavy luggages when I changed the bus.

Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) - 1974 - L'Isola di Niente (Italy) - Full Album

Arrived in Stockholm I was very tired after some hours of sitting in the bus. I had lunch in the station, went around a lot, took a coffee, had videochat and calls, reda and wrote on my blog, spoke with someone at the very end. I then took the bus to the harbor which would take a hour to be reached. The funniest thing is that the boat is called Rosella!

Super foggy had been already in Sweden, but on the way to the harbor and all the way to the island it was impossible to see anything, so you can really imagine how boring the journey was! Berit is the name of the woman who came and pick me up, and since I will stay here for a month and I have already lived with a host-family for a long time, I definitely feel part of the family — as long as they tell me I can do so, and she did! Since we were going to pick up one of her children to another harbor at 1. Finland is a hour more than Sweden she drove me everywhere in the island to show me things a bit, even though unfortunately it was incredibly foggy, which was a nice experience anyway.

Brit told me a lot about everything, including the thing that one-hundred-fifty folk dancers from Sweden will come in this week for the Nordic Fold Dance festival, and that she is managing a lot of things related to that. Moreover, they will eat on Thursday at Smakbyn, the restaurant where I will start to work today.

It took a hour to go home after the harbor, so we were at home at 2. The house is very nice and big! They have vegetables and fruits cultivation and the house is just in front of a forest and close to the water. The son works in a bike shop and we will have to try to find a bike for myself, since I am very short compared to the people here! So, this is gonna be funny as well! Berit showed me the house and when I went upstairs some animal skins where just hanged close to my bed!

But I was so tired I got asleep very fast! Funny thing?

L'oeil De Carafa by Luther Blissett (3 star ratings)

And I guess many thinks that I am a Swede with Italian background! Another funny one? I mean putting your clothes in almost strangers laundries, but as said, here in Scandinavia people really welcome you as a part of the family almost right away, then it stands to you to accept the invitation or not!

So, I really got used to this and I like it! Well, I got breakfast with porridge, strawberries, apple mousse and smashed raspberries! I will have a little lunch later, but first I will need to study the menu of the restaurant and got used with the different ways of preparing the table for new guests. If there will not be any new work shifts for me in this week, I will start to work on the 1st of July which is this coming Friday, and for the following three days, including serving at a wedding on Saturday the 2nd!

I will see you soon, and sorry to my family and friends if I cannot answer but I do not have internet, maybe I will not buy it either, since it is just for a month! Sitter i centralstationen i Stockholm.

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Backpacking verkar vara top resstil just nu. Stamattina mi sono svegliata e scesa in sala dove tutti stavano finendo di guardare un film con Julia Roberts, che dopo qualche minuto ho scoperto essere Eat, Pray, Love dal momento che il titolo in svedese era abbastanza diverso! Riporto le parole qui…quelle nel nuovo paragrafo sono quelle che sento molto vicine alla mia esperienza. Buona giornata e a presto! And the rule of Quest Physics maybe goes like this:.

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For those who do not know about this very typical Swedish tradition, this happen every year between the 20th and the 26th of June, and the really celebration part is to be done in the afternoon of the Friday Midsummer afton and during the night. As Swedes seem to like this way of partying, the morning, afternoon and evening of Saturday they will likely lay hungering somewhere, eating rests or starting to drink again depending on how old they are.

The second Midsummer in Sweden I am experiencing the Midsummer celebration with the host family, which includes chilling really much, eating very traditional food, being celebrated for the turning 20 years on the 22nd, dancing around the Midsummer pole and sleeping, staying in the Sun, eating rests and planning the Midsummer Midnight bath. I woke up by myself around 8, turned in the bed for a while and got the best shower of this week after being done with moving, being helped by friends and the host family. Sill, potatoes, meatballs, salmon and ham and more was served around 2p.

Maaikee, a Dutch girl I knew from my exchange year, was there with her sister and we had a very nice chilling time. She was an exchange student as me but in the USA, went back home but had felt in love with USA and moved there for twenty-one years ago. We talked very much and then invited them at a midnight bath to take today at the lake in front of the house.

Then a present card from Ikea and a very nice card made by Rebecca, the host sister. Got also other very super presents from family and friends. My dad thought about my love for traveling and got me one of those books with a lot of images you have to paint, color, and which help you to relax a lot — which I definitely need after this last stressing and fast-mode weeks.

Eye, Mind, Hand: Filippo Pacini’s Microscopy in: Nuncius Volume 28 Issue 2 ()

The drawings are not just flowers but they are a lot of city maps to be filled with color. I got from my mother the premium update for wordpress, so that I can upload way more photos on the blog — coming soon, just have to activate it! In the afternoon I made a Midsummer crown but it did not work out as two years ago since flowers have flowered a bit earlier then it had been then so the crown did not look as nice as that one.

By the way, applying to girls the tradition says that seven kinds of flowers have to be put under the pillow where you will sleep on during the night to Midsummer day. Then you will dream about your loved one. Pretty romantic legend right? I will not spend too much time reminding that the 20th of June has been the Summer solstice and soon — usually a few days after that the length of the days is the same — days will get shorter and shorter, which inevitably reminds of Winter if you live in Sweden.

Just saying, since April, if I just said the word winter, cold, snow, or Christmas, Sweds used to look at me nasty and almost get angry to me! I got enough Winter I could live without snow for ten years now on, but that will come back inevitably and every Swede will have to deal with it.

My birthday celebration was just what I was hoping for, or is smiling faces, a lot of dance and much laughs. In the morning I had gone to Ikea with Veronica, and ate a very big Swedish food-made buffet brunch together. Then went to but some boxes for packing and went home. I started to prepare for the party in the night and so. The only thing that did not really go as planned was the weather — sounds a bit Swedish right? We had speakers and the girls from Germany made a lot of food, and I made pizza and a cake with berries. At the end it was time for goodbyes which always make me a bit sad of course.

I am very excited and looking forward to it but I need to experience and enjoy every single day here yet. I just got to know that I will be able to work in the restaurant in Finland from Monday, very excited for this! Finish to see P. I love you, and preparing for the midnight bath soon! Sono le 22, Inutile dire che per me questi 20 anni saranno davvero importanti, anzi sento di ripetermi a raccontarlo di nuovo.

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Oggi sveglia alle 7 come ieri e tutto il giorno a impacchettare e pulire. Ma domani sveglia alle 6,45 — prontamente ho lasciato il telefono con la sveglia in cucina come avevo fatto stamattina, almeno sono obbligata ad alzarmi! Anzi no! E a quanto pare anche dei ragazzi della scuola dove ero stata exchange student verranno!

La playlist deve essere completata! Cari lettori, credo convenga abituarsi al fatto che ormai mi riferisco al passato scandendo il tutto in periodi di sei mesi, o meglio semestri. Sono in cucina, tutto sembra molto diverso da come era poche ore fa. Insomma, logica e pazienza a me!

Ho avuto la mia rivincita su alcune cose che non erano esattamente andate come avevo immaginato durante il mio primo anno in Svezia.

I tedeschi sono sicuramente le persone che ho conosciuto e sto conoscendo meglio durante questi due semestri. Solamente un mese fa ho iniziato a vedermi spesso con un gruppo di tedeschi e sembra che mi sono abbastanza integrata e che mi accolgano a braccia aperte — da non prendere letteralmente per una volta, essendo tedeschi!

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Mi inizio ad avvicinare al letto, devo mettere in ordine dei vestiti nelle scatole, e domani devo pulire la casa e chiamare il negozio di seconda mano e cheidere se possono venire a prendersi dei mobili.