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Widowed governess Constance Whitaker has just taken charge of two young children in a comfortable middle-class household in a London square and already she is frazzled by their spoiled behavior. But with a young son and widowed mother to support, she has little choice but to brave it out. When an encounter during an April shower with her In Your Eyes.

When Francesca di Paolo is abducted by a band of brigands on her way home to Amsterdam, little does she realize she will become a pawn in a game of revenge. A budding artist, Francesca is enthralled by her rescuer, Dirk Vredeman, and would love to paint his portrait. Dirk, raised on the streets and surviving by his wits A Man Most Worthy.

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A Love Inspired Historical romance. Paris, France Tender-hearted Katie Leighton can't resist a stray mutt or mangy cat, much less the outcasts of society. When she accompanies her sister Hester and brother-in-law Gerrit from The Rogue's Redemption to Paris after the fall of Napoleon, she prefers visiting the wounded and maimed veterans living out their days at the Love's Enduring Flame.

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What is Productivity? There are many different ways of measuring As far as she could make out, a rout was merely a place to see and be seen. No one seemed to be listening to anyone, yet their mouths kept moving, their smiles pasted on their faces like painted dolls. What went on in London! And the gentlemen were worse, dressed like popinjays with more jewelry flashing from them than the women. Things just. It would have made things easier. To be constantly reminded—but no, she would not think about him! He was as good as dead to her.

Thank goodness he was no longer in England. This should have been the happiest time of her life, yet she was miserable. A year and a half ago she would scarce have imagined herself among the fashionable world in a London drawing room, enjoying a season. What need had she to parade around London drawing rooms, advertising herself to eligible young bachelors, when her heart was faithfully committed to a man far superior to any simpering dandy?

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The tears that were never far threatened to cloud the vision of the glittering array of ladies and gentlemen parading before her. The man in question—Rees Phillips—was not the finest, handsomest, noblest gentleman. He had no right to be happy when he had made her so miserable. Jessamine jumped at the low masculine tone.

Turning, she glared to see if the gentleman standing beside her had indeed had the temerity to address her. Amused blue eyes stared down into hers. Jessamine drew herself up. How dare he mock her! Excuse me, sir, we have not been introduced. With that set down, she turned away, her chin in the air, and took Megan by the arm. He could hear her aggrieved tone. In England a gentleman does not address a young lady he has not been introduced to.

Speaking of observing, he dug into his coat pocket and drew out a pair of round, thin-rimmed, black metal spectacles. But now he needed to search for his hostess to rectify matters with the young miss before word of his ill manners reached his mother. His mother had forbidden him to wear the spectacles in public, but he was getting weary of nodding and smiling like a witless fool until the person drew near enough to be recognized.

He could feel his cheeks going ruddy as he identified her. The drawback of being a redhead—every emotion showed immediately on his cheeks. The young miss continued talking with her companion. The two appeared typical of all young ladies making their coming-out. They were dressed similarly in white muslin gowns, only their colored ribbons setting them apart.

She had a pretty, though dissatisfied, face. Slim, pert nose, decided little chin, smooth pale skin with rosy lips and cheeks, the latter more likely due to the stuffiness of the room than to a healthy glow. As she faced forward again, he shifted his gaze away, searching for his hostess.

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Not seeing her, he headed to the card room. Harold, who was only three years his senior, delighted in ragging Lancelot over his clumsiness at sports and awkwardness with the fairer sex.

Pushing aside those memories with the same single-mindedness he used to push through the crowded drawing room, Lancelot arrived at the saloon filled with card tables. He located his hostess, a tall, stately woman walking among the green baize tables and stopping to chat with the card players. When he approached Lady Abernathy, she held out her hands to him.

How delightful to see you among us. Your mother wrote that you were terribly ill and recuperating in Hampshire.

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I must say you look in fine fettle now. She clucked her tongue. We Europeans are not meant for those ferocious climes overseas, so I hope you are home for good. She laughed. I like to think so. She patted his hand. Now, what may I do for you, dear? Her light-blue eyes looked shrewdly into his. Your mother has made it no secret that she and your father wish you to settle down.

His cheeks warmed, but she had given him the opening he needed. Her finely plucked eyebrows rose a fraction.

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Oho, which of our young ladies has caught your interest? I shall present her to you forthwith. He cleared his throat. There are two young ladies in your drawing room. He left the request dangling, his heart thumping.